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SFL x Athletes Network x FC Aarau

06 / 2023

Athletes Network x SFL x FC Aarau

Who is responsible for players whose football careers are foreseeable? Is it the club; the association; the player himself?


For some time now, both the Swiss Football League and some of its clubs have been taking social responsibility for players and supporting them in their step into post-sport careers by entering into a partnership with the Athletes Network. As a result, the players have access to the Athletes Network’s services and can prepare themselves optimally for the transition to their post-sport careers.


A good example of this is Olivier Jäckle. He attended the networking workshop organised jointly by FC Aarau and the Athletes Network. With the help of this offer, Olivier received tips and tricks on how to tap the full potential of his network. This case shows that while the league and club provide the services, it is ultimately the player’s responsibility to take up the offer and engage with their post-sport career.


Likewise, FC Aarau shows with the Miguel Peralta-Gonzalez personnel case how former players can be successfully installed in the club as well as in the business world.