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Not only in the ice channel does he keep an overview

04 / 2022

In the ice canal Michael Kuonen tried to achieve the fastest time with his bobsleigh – now he works for our partner OBT AG as a marketing & communication expert. We asked the 2020/2021 European Cup overall winner how he found OBT AG back then and how the company supported him during his last season as a top athlete.


It’s nice of you Michael to take the time to answer a few questions for us. How did you actually come across the Athletes Network?

A good colleague of mine knew one of your staff members from her studies. She then told me about your activities and the purpose you are pursuing. Personally, I think that the post-sport career in elite sport is still a taboo subject. That’s why it’s even more important that the Athletes Network exists. During a professional sports career, you devote all your energy, passion and time to the sport. I think it’s very important that you reach out to athletes and address their post-sport careers.


We were wondering how you came to do an internship at OBT? Tell us about it.

I saw the job offers from Athletes Network in a newsletter. With the motto: “If I don’t get the job, I’ll stay a professional athlete” – I applied. I actually budgeted for the summer so that I could have lived off the sport. So it was all the nicer when I got an acceptance letter for the 60% internship job.


How did you experience the internship at OBT? Can you give us a few impressions?

I was immediately accepted and trained by a great team. Very soon I had my own project and was allowed to work independently. I was in all eleven branches in Switzerland and was always welcomed with open arms. The team spirit at OBT is brilliant! The flat internal hierarchy also promotes a great working atmosphere. There was never a day when I didn’t enjoy going to work.

Since I invested a lot of time in training camps or participated in events during the summer, I could not always be present at the company. However, OBT AG understood and accepted this with the greatest consideration. With an employer like this, you also like to give something back.