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Inside Athletes Network - Lucas Glarner

07 / 2023

A short introduction to our Lucas, or as we call him “Gügi”. In his free time, he loves to play and watch football. His great love is FC Bayern Munich. In addition to football, he occasionally plays tennis and enjoys doing things with his girlfriend and friends. He especially enjoys going to Lake Zurich with his circle of friends in the summer. Although Lucas is more of a summer person, he can often be found in the Alps in winter, making the slopes unsafe.

Gügi, what do you do at Athletes Network and what are your responsibilities?

Mainly I work in sales, where I support Beni and Danilo in the best possible way, for example by looking for potential partner companies and contacting them. At the same time, I prepare the documents that we present to the executives of the individual companies.

How did you actually come to the Athletes Network?

I saw on LinkedIn that the Athletes Network was advertising an internship. At the same time, I was looking for a job because I was looking for a part-time job in the sports industry alongside my sports management studies at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden.

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The famous CEO meeting during the first day in the new office

What appealed to you about the position?

The internship at the Athletes Network convinced me from the very first second. On the one hand, I am enthusiastic about the business idea of the Athletes Network. On the other hand, the internship fits perfectly with my studies and my interests. My goal is to work in the sports industry in the future. That’s why this job is a great entry-level opportunity for my future career.

What challenges have you faced so far in your work at Athletes Network?

The cross-departmental cooperation in the start-up has shown me how important it is to be flexible and to take different perspectives into account. In a flat organisational environment like this, I have learned to communicate openly and transparently.

What are your goals at Athletes Network?

I would like to play a part in helping the company to grow and establish itself.

Thank you very much Lucas for your explanations about your tasks around the Athletes Network. But now we want to know what makes you tick. What does success in the team mean to you?

Success in a team means a lot to me, because you can enjoy what you have achieved together and share the joy with the team. This is immensely important to me, both in football and here at the Athletes Network. I always try to stick to this basic principle.

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Brainstorming together for the success of the Athletes Network

You must have suffered some defeats in sport – maybe also in your professional life. How did you deal with that?

First of all, I always want to find out what I did wrong or what went wrong. From that I draw my conclusions. Then I try to implement what I have learned as best I can the next time.

What do you still want to experience?

I would definitely like to experience a Champions League final, or even just a Champions League match live in the stadium, and someday be in the stadium for a Super Bowl.