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Entrepreneurship basics

Awaken your entrepreneurial spirit

Have you been thinking about going freelance or starting your own business? Are you fascinated by the start-up scene but wondering if you’ll be able to invest the necessary time and money? Or maybe you have plenty of innovative ideas up your sleeve, but you’re not sure how to go about creating a start-up to let them evolve? Don’t worry – we have just the coach for you!


CHF 150.00

Entrepreneurship basics

Our promise

  • This consultancy service is your first port of call if you’re interested in going freelance, launching a start-up or investing in one.
  • We provide you with neutral, independent advice and equip you with practical knowledge that no university can teach you.
  • You’ll benefit from the valuable experience of our coach Chris Bargholz, who will help you to avoid mistakes as an entrepreneur or investor or in any dealings with start-ups. Mistakes can be costly and cause damage to your reputation.
  • We help you to understand the aspects that you need to include in your pitch deck and what distinguishes a profitable business idea from a non-profitable one.
  • The price includes a 60 minute coaching session, the content of which is entirely up to you.


Our coach Chris Bargholz from Rhino Innovation draws on his many years of experience on the entrepreneur and start-up scene. The advice he offers here is tailored to athletes and their specific requirements. Prepare to be motivated by down-to-earth, practical advice delivered energetically – and gain valuable insights into the Swiss start-up world along the way.

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If you have any questions about what we offer, give us a call on +41 44 212 88 77 or send an email to mail@athletes-network.com – we’ll be happy to help!

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