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Your Speech 2

Storytelling & Humour

You’re clear on your message. You’ve written a speech. Maybe you’ve even performed it once or twice. But now you want to take it one step further. You want your audiences to be moved, inspired and entertained by your stories. What you really want is for your words to have more impact and leave a lasting impression.


CHF 900.00

Your Speech 2

Our promise

  • You’ll find out how storytelling works and how you can use it for specific effects.
  • During this coaching session, you’ll write one or more of your own stories to weave into your speeches.
  • Together, we can fine tune your existing stories to help you move your audiences, capture their attention and bring a smile to their faces.
  • Three hours of private coaching with Mireille Jaton, an award-winning speaker and expert in presentation skills.


It’s not just businesses – we all want to learn from athletes. Athletes know what it takes to reach a goal, work as a team and get back up after a defeat. Every single athlete has an inspiring story to tell. My mission is to work with you to craft your story in a way that inspires audiences and ensures that you exude confidence at every appearance while having fun along the way.


One-to-one training, flexible booking options


  • Seestrasse 32, 8942 Oberrieden
  • Alternative location by arrangement/online


German, French, English

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If you have any questions about what we offer, give us a call on +41 44 212 88 77 or send an email to mail@athletes-network.com – we’ll be happy to help!

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