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Not just an athlete, but also a human

Our club and federation partners look beyond the end of their noses and support athletes even after their careers are over. Through this partnership, they assume their responsibility and show that the human being behind the athlete is also important to them.

«1+1 = 3 - together with Athletes Network, the Athlete Hub of Swiss Olympic can provide athletes with even better guidance and support in the job placement process.»

Maja Neuenschwander
Head of Athlete Hub, Swiss Olympic

«We are delighted to be working with the Athletes Network to offer our athletes exciting opportunities to take an even more focused look at their careers.»

Diego Züger
CEO Commercial, Swiss Ski

«With the Athletes Network, we now have a competent partner at our side to enable our top performers to combine sport and career and to prepare them for their post-sport careers.»

Alex Kuhn
President, STB Leichtathletik

«One of the biggest challenges in the lives of professional athletes is planning their second career. We are delighted to be able to count on the support and expertise of the Athletes Network in this important area.»

Andrew Ebbett
General Manager, SC Bern

«Sport has turned us into fighters, heroes and personalities; Athletes Network helps us to use the qualities we have acquired in the right place in our professional lives.»

Leandra Kellerhals
President, Yellow Winterthur

«Our athletes are forced to start thinking about life after sport during their career. Thanks to the partnership with Athletes Network, we can open various doors for them.»

Sebastian Beck
Head of competitive Sport Beachvolleyball, Swiss Volley

Game plan

for our athletes

07. November 2024 | 16:00 – 21:00

10th Athletes Day