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Sport & study – easily combined


Unique study model with maximum flexibility


As a member of the Athletes Network, you benefit from an ‘Athletes Network Bursary’ worth CHF 500.00 for all bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. You receive a discount of CHF 100.00 on all continuing education courses (MAS, DAS, CAS) if you are a member of the Athletes Network and book the course via our website. (Start of studies after November 2023.)

Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (FFHS)

What courses does FFHS offer you?

Benefit from the unique study model with maximum flexibility. You can choose between the following degree programmes:


  • BSc Business Economics
  • BSc Business Economics Sport Management
  • BSc Cyber Security
  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics
  • BSc Nutrition and Health
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Osteopathy
  • BSc Business Informatics
  • BSc Industrial Engineering
  • Practice-integrated Bachelor of Computer Science (PiBs)


  • MSc Business Administration in Innovation Management
  • MSc Business Administration in Sustainability and Circular Innovation
  • MSc Osteopathy

Also offered are various continuing education courses (MAS, EMBA, DAS, CAS, seminars, MOOC). Take a look at the many courses on the FFHS website.

When and where are the courses held?

With blended learning, you can decide for yourself whether you want to attend the courses on site (Zurich/Bern/Basel/Brig) or online. There are nine semesters to be completed. Six semesters cover the basic study programme and three semesters the advanced study programme. However, the degree programme can be split flexibly. The courses consist of 80% online study and 20% classroom teaching. Classes take place every Monday evening or every second Saturday.

What actual qualification do you get on completing your course?

Upon successful completion, you will receive a bachelor’s or master’s degree in your chosen course of study.

How do you get onto the course?

The admission criteria are as follows:

  • Federal Vocational Baccalaureate/ Specialised Baccalaureate
  • General Baccalaureate with one year of professional experience
  • Diploma from a professional education institution (PEI)
  • For prospective students without a BMS (vocational high school certificate), the preparatory course for the entrance examination to enter the Monday class can also be done online

How do you benefit as a member of the Athletes Network?

  • As a member of the Athletes Network, you get an ‘Athletes Network Bursary’ of CHF 500.00 for all bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes.
  • You receive a discount of CHF 100.00 on all continuing education courses (MAS, DAS, CAS) if you are a member of the Athletes Network and book the course via our website.
  • Your study start is after November 2023.
  • You are fully enrolled by the deadlines 15 October and 15 April.
  • You have a counselling appointment with the “Coordinator of Elite Sports & Studies” at FFHS.

What’s it like at FFHS?

Find out more from Yanick Brecher, football goalkeeper at FC Zurich, about what it’s like at FFHS and how he combines his sport commitments and his studies:


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