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Training, competitions, regeneration and travelling to different competition venues often takes up a lot of your time. UniDistance Suisse allows you to study anytime and anywhere and get individual support. Study at home or on the train, during the week or at the weekend – flexibility is the motto at UniDistance Suisse. You also take your exams online.

UniDistance Suisse

What courses does UniDistance Suisse offer you?

UniDistance Suisse offers numerous bachelor’s, CAS or master’s degree programmes. It has the following bachelor’s degree programmes:

– Bachelor’s in Business
– Bachelor’s/Master’s in Psychology
– Bachelor’s/Master’s in Law
– Bachelor’s in History
– Bachelor’s in Mathematics

It offers the following master’s degree programmes:

– Master’s in Economics and Data Analytics
– Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

As there are many CAS courses offered by UniDistance Suisse, we kindly ask you to have a look at them on their website.

When are the courses held?

Flexibility and consideration of personal life circumstances are very important to UniDistance Suisse – which is why all degree programmes are 100% online.

What actual qualification do you get on completing your course?

Depending on the degree programme, you will receive a high-quality and internationally recognised diploma, as the UniDistance Suisse is an accredited university institution.

How do you get onto the course?

The following conditions apply to for the bachelor’s degree:

– Swiss educational qualifications: general baccalaureate or equivalent university-entrance qualification
– Foreign educational qualifications: Recognised qualification according to Annex B of the Admissions Regulations
– Excellent oral and written skills in German or English for the bachelor’s degree programme in mathematics

The following conditions apply to the master’s programmes:

– Swiss educational qualifications: a bachelor’s degree in the same field as the intended master’s. To enrol for a master’s in law, you need a bachelor’s degree in law; for a master’s in psychology you need a bachelor’s degree in psychology

– Requirements for admission may apply to anyone with a bachelor’s degree from a foreign university

– Excellent oral and written knowledge in German, in some cases also in French and English, depending on the chosen master’s programme

How much does it cost to study at UniDistance Suisse?

This varies depending on the degree programme. We ask you to consult the UniDistance Suisse website.

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