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Athletes Network - Partners


A positive impact in business

Our partners see the potential of the unconventional careers of athletes who have acquired an athlete's mindset in the school of life of elite sport and believe in their positive impact on the economy. They position themselves as potential employers and support the sustainable consideration of an athlete's career.

Main und National Partners

«Every enterprise benefits from diverse teams. Professional athletes bring very special qualities that make us even more diverse at Accenture.»

Marco Huwiler
Country Managing Director, Accenture

«Migros Industrie is in the midst of a major transformation programme. We need people who are agile and can help us really tackle these changes.»

Petra Feigl-Fässler
CHRO, Migros Industrie

«PostFinance relies on courageous doers with the necessary winning mentality.»

Ron Schneider
Head of Human Resources, PostFinance

«As a main partner of Athletes Network, we now have access to a unique pool of outstanding people.»

André Krause
CEO, Sunrise UPC

«As main partner, we would like to continue to support the athletes in the future in order to create further perspectives and promote their professional development.»

Nathalie Leschot
Chief Human Resources Officer, Suva

«We also want to take responsibility and ensure that we offer top athletes exciting and challenging tasks.»

Andreas Koller
Head of Product Management Department, Swica

«We are very excited to apply the inspiring mindset of the network - vision, ambition, perseverance, to name a few - across the group.»

René Zahnd
CEO, Swiss Prime Site

«It is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone! Both we at the USZ and the athletes can benefit from each other. »

Claudio Alborghetti
Head of Recruiting, Employer Branding & Vocational Education, USZ

«The Athletes Network fits the unique culture we have at Zurich. We push each other to deliver our very best for our clients, day in, day out.»

Thomas Hickert
Head Integrated Talent Management, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

«The Athletes Network is a wonderful and important initiative. We will do our best to ensure that the Athletes Network continues to grow.»

Marc Walder
CEO, Ringier AG

«As an employer, we offer attractive framework conditions so that our employees can contribute in a self-reliant and entrepreneurial way.»

Bruno Stiegeler
CEO, Bank Wir

«I am convinced that athletes who have convinced us with their performance orientation and their ability to quickly and skilfully implement feedback in everyday life can do the same at BLKB.»

Adi Bucher
Head of HR & Organizational Development, BLKB

«We see it as a WIN-WIN situation when athletes can bring the athlete mindset into our organisation and implement it successfully.»

Peter Kammüller
CEO, Bossard Switzerland

«Even after an active career as a professional athlete, perspectives are important, especially from a professional point of view. We are happy to help with this. »

Stephan Fricker
CEO, Merian Iselin Klinik

«Smart, inspiring, forward-thinking - by partnering with Athletes Network, we strengthen our brand message and have the chance to gain new impetus from exceptional talent.»

Dominik Baier
Head of Corporate Services, Primeo Energie

«Raiffeisen also shares responsibility for ensuring that athletes can pursue a successful career in the private sector during and after their sporting career.»

Roger Maneth
President, Raiffeisen Regional Association ZH/SH

«Our financial advisors not only have the mindset of an athlete, but also find self-determined working models at Swiss Life Select that are tailored to athletes.»

Marc von Wartburg
CO-CEO, Swiss Life Select AG

«The Athletes Network is where we find high-performing people who contribute to Allreal's success in a fast-changing environment.»

Reto Aregger
Chief Communications Officer, Allreal

«At Audemars Piguet, we encourage everyone's talent to create the extraordinary.»

Frédéric Chardot
Chief Human Resources Officer, Audemars Piguet

«The main thing is that we join the network and have the possibility to recruit people from this circle and to win the mindset of the athletes for us.»

Stephan Walliser
Head of Human Resources, Project and Portfolio Management of Baloise

«I am fascinated by the mindset of top athletes, their ambition, their discipline and how they deal with success and defeat. Such qualities are important if we want to excel as Bank Cler.»

Samuel Meyer
CEO Bank Cler

«Our four corporate values have been courage, commitment, team spirit and integrity for years. The values from top-class sport are very similar and a collaboration between Hilti and the Athletes Network could not be more obvious.»

Lea Ryter Ciampi
Head of Human Resources, Hilti (Switzerland) AG

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