Entrepreneurship basics 

Have you been thin­king about going free­lan­ce or star­ting your own busi­ness? Are you fasci­na­ted by the start-up sce­ne but won­de­ring if you’ll be able to invest the necessa­ry time and money? Or may­be you have ple­n­ty of inno­va­ti­ve ide­as up your slee­ve, but you’re not sure how to go about crea­ting a start-up to let them evol­ve? Don’t worry – we have just the coach for you!

CHF 150.00

Our promise

  • This con­sul­tancy ser­vice is your first port of call if you’re inte­re­sted in going free­lan­ce, laun­ching a start-up or inve­sting in one.
  • We pro­vi­de you with neu­tral, inde­pen­dent advice and equip you with prac­ti­cal know­ledge that no uni­ver­si­ty can teach you.
  • You’ll bene­fit from the valu­able expe­ri­ence of our coach Chris Barg­holz, who will help you to avoid mista­kes as an entre­pre­neur or inve­stor or in any dealings with start-ups. Mista­kes can be cost­ly and cau­se dama­ge to your reputation.
  • We help you to under­stand the aspects that you need to inclu­de in your pitch deck and what distin­guis­hes a pro­fi­ta­ble busi­ness idea from a non-pro­fi­ta­ble one.
  • The pri­ce inclu­des a 60 minu­te coa­ching ses­si­on, the con­tent of which is enti­re­ly up to you.


Our coach Chris Barg­holz from Rhi­no Inno­va­ti­on draws on his many years of expe­ri­ence on the entre­pre­neur and start-up sce­ne. The advice he offers here is tailo­red to ath­le­tes and their spe­ci­fic requi­re­ments. Pre­pa­re to be moti­va­ted by down-to-earth, prac­ti­cal advice deli­ve­r­ed ener­ge­ti­cal­ly – and gain valu­able insights into the Swiss start-up world along the way.

Academy Coach

Chris Barg­holz – CFA & Co-Foun­der Rhi­no Innovation

Contact us

If you have any que­sti­ons about what we offer, give us a call on +41 44 212 88 77 or send an email to mail@athletes-network.com – we’ll be hap­py to help!


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