Networking Workshop for Clubs & Associations 

Our net­wor­king work­shop is ide­al for clubs and asso­cia­ti­ons that are keen to share the art of net­wor­king with their ath­le­tes so they can under­stand the many bene­fits just wai­t­ing to be unlocked. After all, ath­le­tes with solid net­wor­king skills are an asset to them­sel­ves and the club or asso­cia­ti­on they represent.

This work­shop is aimed at teams wit­hin sporting orga­ni­sa­ti­ons. The pri­ce covers the who­le work­shop – regard­less of how many peop­le will be atten­ding. Our club and asso­cia­ti­on part­ners can take advan­ta­ge of the redu­ced pri­ce of CHF 790 (ins­tead of CHF 1480).

CHF 790.00CHF 1’480.00


Did you know that the majo­ri­ty of vacan­ci­es never actual­ly end up being adver­ti­sed? Stu­dies sug­gest that around 40% of peop­le find their jobs through their per­so­nal net­work. That figu­re jumps up to around 70% when you start tal­king about lea­dership positions.

Our promise

  • With this work­shop, your ath­le­tes will be more focu­sed at your upco­m­ing (spon­sor) events and able to get so much more out of them.
  • We help ath­le­tes set them­sel­ves goals and pro­vi­de them with the tools that will enab­le them to acti­va­te their exi­sting net­work and expand it fur­ther. Becau­se net­wor­king is not an inna­te skill – it’s some­thing you can learn.
  • We use real-life examp­les to demon­stra­te that it’s pos­si­ble for every ath­le­te to make net­wor­king come natu­ral­ly to them as part of a stra­te­gy that’s authen­ti­cal­ly them.
  • We help ath­le­tes to under­stand and struc­tu­re their net­work, with the aim of iden­ti­fy­ing the peop­le they should be actively approaching.
  • We show ath­le­tes how to use their assets to their advan­ta­ge and show them­sel­ves in the best pos­si­ble light when net­wor­king with others.


  • Open to clubs and asso­cia­ti­ons boo­king for their teams
  • Work­shop lasting two and a half hours
  • Cus­to­mis­able cour­se documents


We speak your lan­guage and see our­sel­ves as pros when it comes to tran­si­tio­ning from your care­er as an eli­te ath­le­te to the next chap­ter. With our expe­ri­ence and pro­fes­sio­nal back­grounds, we have the ide­al tools to help you get to the point that you feel com­for­ta­ble and con­fi­dent when networking.

Academy Coaches

  • Dave Hei­ni­ger
  • Julia Phil­i­po­na

Contact us

If you have any que­sti­ons about what we offer, give us a call on +41 44 212 88 77 or send an email to – we’ll be hap­py to help!


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