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Bettina Müller, former basketball player, at Sunrise


Take the chance

05 / 2021

How did you find out about the Athletes Network?

My brother discovered the Athletes Network on the internet and sent me the link. I looked at it and was thrilled by the idea and immediately signed up as a member.

You found your job through the Athletes Network. How were you accompanied during the process? Were you able to ask someone for help when you were unclear about your preparations?

I saw a job offer from Sunrise UPC on the Athletes Network website that sounded very interesting. I then sent Dave my application documents. From that moment until I could finally sign the employment contract, I was accompanied and supported by Dave throughout the whole process.

Before the first interview, Dave offered me a preparatory interview. This was very helpful and Dave was able to give me great tips. For example, he showed me the Athletes Mindset chart and I had to think about what applied to me. As I prepared for the interview, I realised that my strengths from sports fit the job requirements very well. I also managed to emphasise this in the interview.

How did you approach the challenge? To what extent did the Athletes Mindset help you?

In the further process we were always in contact and this gave me a lot of confidence as I knew that I could always get in touch if I needed support. Dave has a lot of expertise and at the same time the positive and motivating nature of a sportsman. He was also very happy when I got the acceptance and I am mega grateful for the support.

During the application process, I intensively studied the position and the company. Through conversations with the people, I realised that I really wanted to fill this position. I received a case study that I had to prepare and present. When I was preparing, I realised that it was thanks to the Athletes Network that I got this far in the first place and that it was now up to me to show what I could do and grab this opportunity. That’s where the Athletes Mindset helped me, because I know situations like that very well from sport. In an important game, there were also moments when you had to take responsibility and it was in your own hands whether you won or lost. Then it was no longer important what had happened before or what would happen in the future, but only what you were doing at that moment. This experience from sport helped me when I went into this presentation.

You have now experienced different touchpoints of the Athletes Network. Why would you recommend the Athletes Network to other athletes?

I would recommend the Athletes Network as a support for athletes taking the step into a post-sport career. Be it through counselling sessions, the Athletes Day or the exchange with other athletes who have already taken this step. I would also recommend it to former athletes, because they can pass on their experiences and help other athletes. Together you are always stronger. The more athletes join, the more positive influence the Athletes Network can generate in the future.