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Yannick Schwaller, Curling player, at SIX


Top-level sport is a kind of school of life!

05 / 2024

Yannick Schwaller is both a curling player and a business student. He works as a Product Manager at SIX alongside his top-class sport and studies. He found this position through the Athletes Network. When looking for a job, it was essential for him that his employer supports top-class sport and gives him enough time for training and competitions. At the same time, he wanted to work for a modern company with a good team spirit and a progressive hierarchy. In Yannick’s eyes, SIX fulfils exactly this wish, as he can make a difference as an intern thanks to the strong corporate culture. His line manager Beat Glauser, Head Product Management Cash at SIX, is enthusiastic about Yannick’s mindset and gives one or two examples in the video of how the top athlete Yannick brings his sporting experience to his team. Watch the video to find out what topic Yannick did a workshop on with the SIX team and why he is so fascinated by the sport of curling!