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LinkedIn: Activation

Active ton réseau virtuel

You are already active on LinkedIn, but now you want to use the full potential of the business platform? Do you want to know how to interact with people and develop and grow your network?

In this advanced course you will learn how to easily build a strong virtual network using LinkedIn.

Note: This course requires attendance of the LinkedIn Personal Branding course.


CHF 650.00

LinkedIn: Activation

Value proposition

  • You get to know LinkedIn with all its tools and features – a platform that has a lot to offer once you get to know it in depth.
  • We will teach you the “LinkedIn Mindset” and take away the fear of exposing yourself.
  • We’ll show you how to use storytelling to create new content, make existing content work for you and post, repost and comment cleverly
  • We increase your visibility with your target audience


Baschi is the LinkedIn expert of Switzerland – you won’t find anyone who can make you fitter than him! You will also enjoy his refreshing, direct and motivating manner – guaranteed!


If you have any questions about our offers, please call us at 044 212 88 77 or send us an e‑mail at mail@athletes-network.com – we will be happy to advise you!

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