Linkedin: Branding personnel 

Have you always wan­ted to know how to best pre­sent yours­elf to poten­ti­al employ­ers on Lin­kedIn? We’ll help you make the per­fect impres­si­on on today’s most important busi­ness platform.

CHF 650.00

Value proposition

  • We work with you to deve­lop a clear posi­tio­ning of your per­son on LinkedIn
  • We incre­a­se your chan­ces of being found by the right peop­le (recrui­ters etc.)
  • We show you how to best mar­ket yours­elf to poten­ti­al employers
  • We intro­du­ce you to key con­cepts and Lin­kedIn best practices

Academy Coach

Baschi Sale


You can find more detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on in our Facts­heet.

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If you have any que­sti­ons about our offers, plea­se call us at 044 212 88 77 or send us an email at mail@athletes-network.com – we will be hap­py to advi­se you!


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